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“When you bring your customer/client to Elliott Homes, we realize that you are loaning us your reputation. All of us at Elliott Homes take that responsibility very seriously and give your clients the red carpet treatment on your behalf.”  

When you have a customer/client that is interested in buying/building a brand new Elliott Home, and you introduce them to us in accordance with the following terms and conditions, your commission will be guaranteed.

It’s easy to earn large commissions and incentives quickly with Elliott Homes!!! 1% of the contract price is paid within ten business days after; your client completes a non-contingent purchase agreement with the appropriate, non-refundable deposit; and, Elliott Homes receives a pre-qualification letter from Elliott Homes preferred lender. The remaining 2% (and any applicable bonuses or incentives) will be paid when the sale is closed and funded.

All of our representatives are employees of Elliott Homes. Therefore, they are dedicated solely to helping you to present Elliott Homes and do not get involved in resales or other real estate transactions. They focus their entire time and expertise on being fully informed of all aspects of building a brand new Elliott Home and making the home buying experience seamless, easy and fun for you and your client.

Our primary goal is to be open for the convenience of you and your client. Our models and sales centers are open Monday-Friday 10-6pm, Saturday 9-6pm, and Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment and/or phone. For contact information: www.myelliotthome.com

• Simply accompany your customer/client on their first visit to one of our model homes, introduce them to an Elliott
Homes representative and fully complete the Guaranteed Commission Registration Form. For your convenience, this form may be completed online to print and bring with you. “Guaranteed Commission Registration Form 


• In the event that you cannot accompany your client on their first visit to one of our model homes, and you complete the “Client Pre-Registration On-Line Introduction” form: an Elliott Homes representative will transfer the information you have provided to the Guaranteed Commission Registration Form, in accordance with the terms and conditions as follows:


Elliott Homes LLC agrees to pay to the broker (“Broker”) who has properly registered under these terms and conditions, a real estate brokerage fee in the total amount of 3 percent (3 %) of the contract purchase price (the “Commission”) paid upon closing of title of a sale to the above-referenced (“Client”), provided the Client executes a binding purchase agreement with Elliott Homes within sixty (60) days following the date of this registration (“The Registration Period”), and the terms and conditions of the Guaranteed Commission Program are met by the Broker and its “Agent”.

In conjunction with Elliott Homes mission to establish long-term professional relationships with the Realtors/Brokers & Agents in our market, and to avoid any misunderstanding in order that Elliott Homes can guarantee commissions to REALTORS or Brokers who are the procuring cause of sale, simply fulfill the conditions set forth herein.

1. Should a Client that is properly registered with Elliott Homes LLC by a Broker or its Associate return within the Registration Period unaccompanied by the Broker or its Agent and executes a purchase agreement with Elliott Homes, the Broker or Agent will be deemed to be the procuring broker entitled to receive any commission.

2. In the event that more than one Broker or Agent properly registers the same Client with Elliott Homes, the Broker or Agent who actually accompanies the Client when they execute the purchase agreement with Elliott Homes, provided that they are within the registration period will be deemed conclusively to be the procuring Broker entitled to receive any commission due.

3. In the event that a Realtor/Broker or it Agent has not properly registered a Client with Elliott Homes prior to that Client contacting Elliott Homes via email, phone, website or visiting a model or office, that Client shall be considered proprietary to Elliott Homes. It is the responsibility of the Realtor/Broker Agent when working with a Client who may have an interest in Elliott Homes to register that Client online or in person with Elliott Homes as described herein. However, if a Realtor/Broker Agent discovers that a Client they have not properly registered has contacted Elliott Homes, within 3 business days of that Client’s contact with Elliott Homes, it is the Real/Broker Agent sole responsibility to notify Elliott Homes, in which case Elliott Homes agrees to meet with Broker or its Agent as soon as possible within those 3 business days, to determine in what manner the broker may be involved in the transaction.

4. In the event that more than one Broker or Agent properly registers the same Client with Elliott Homes, and that Client returns within the registration period unaccompanied by any Broker or Agent, and executes a purchase agreement, the Broker, and Agent with the earliest registration date will be deemed conclusively to be the procuring Broker entitled to receive any commission due.

5. In any of these events, Elliott Homes shall only be obligated to pay one commission on any qualifying sale and shall have no obligation or liability to pay any commission to any other Broker or Agent.

6. The Broker and its Agent acknowledge that in the event the Client does not consummate the purchase with Elliott Homes, for any reason whatsoever, no commission (except any advance commission that may be applicable) is earned or will be paid to Broker or its Agent.

7. Since a contract between a buyer and a home builder contains conditions and stipulations to the benefit of the buyer, for example, warranty, not found in a resale purchase and sales contract, the Elliott Homes LLC purchase agreement form shall be used for all sales.

8. In order to provide high-quality homes, great value, customer satisfaction, and to avoid “checkerboard pricing” all sales contracts shall be at full published price, to include any published buyer incentives. In the event that the Broker or Agent feel it necessary to provide offers at less than the Elliott Homes current published price, Elliott Homes may reject the offer for any reason whatsoever; or, request a meeting with the buyer to negotiate.

9. For those clients requiring mortgage financing, and so that we can assure a smooth and timely closing for you and your clients, we have established a relationship with one of the area’s leading mortgage companies who is familiar with our products, appraisal processes, title and closing procedures and more. Therefore, that mortgage lender will provide closing cost assistance of 1% to those purchasers who utilize those services. Elliott Homes makes no representations as to closing cost assistance available to buyers using other lenders.

10. When your client has an interest in a completed, or nearly completed Elliott Home, and, in order that the Elliott Homes representatives may assist you and your client to save time, please bring your client to the Elliott Homes sales office for access to all immediate occupancy homes that may be available.

11. The registering Broker or Agent each agree that Elliott Homes and its representatives shall have the right to conduct direct follow-up communications and correspondence with the registered Client.

12. The Broker and its Agent herein warrant and represent that they are presently licensed to operate as a Broker or Sales Associate in the State of Mississippi by the governing regulatory board. Time is of the essence of this Agreement.

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