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Back-to-School Tips

August 16, 2018

School has recently started on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for our Elliott Homes Homeowners and the kids are buzzing with back-to-school thrills! With endless possibilities ahead, a new school year can be both exciting and scary, but there are many ways that you can keep this transition from summertime to school days as smooth as possible. Take a look at our favorite tips to make the school year an A+!


Backpacks, not back aches!

With everything from notebooks and books to lunch and toys, kids can find themselves carrying heavy backpacks to and from school — but did you know that children should not carry a backpack that’s more than 15 percent of their body weight? To alleviate the stress that your child could be carrying on his or her back, have them try out a backpack with wheels. This way, when the bag gets heavy, they can roll it and won’t have to deal with the harmful effects of a heavy bag.


Jumpstart the Day

We’re told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we oftentimes skip it or eat on the go. Still, it’s important to know that when kids sit down to eat a nutritious meal in the morning, they function better during the day and generally feel better. Even when days get busy, there are plenty of meals that can be prepared quickly that also taste delicious! From a honey yogurt cereal parfait to a banana and almond butter open-faced sandwich, easy and tasty recipes like these put your kids on the right track. 


Study Space

Whether it’s on the dining room table, or at their personal desk in their bedroom, there’s plenty of room in your new Elliott home to decide on a homework space with your kids. This space will be where they can keep all of their school papers, folders, textbooks, etc. so they aren’t strewn across the house. Your kids will know that when it’s time to crack open the books, this is the perfect place for them to concentrate and get that perfect grade!


Talk it Through

If your child is having back-to-school jitters, make sure to sit them down and have a comfortable talk about the year ahead. Discussing what a new classroom and a new teacher will be like this year is a great way to calm nerves! When you go back-to-school shopping, talk your child through the different ways that they’ll have a blast using each item, from highlighters and markers to binders and folders. Entering a new grade is an exciting time, and your child can be just as excited as you once were.


With the summer still winding down while the kids go back-to-school there are still plenty of summer activities for them to enjoy on the weekends to keep those Sunday scaries away. Ensure that your kids have their best year yet with a few tips and tricks that keep them comfortable and happy. If you’re interested in building a new home with Elliott Homes before the next school year starts, call us today at 1-844-BUY-ELLIOTT or visit our community page, filled with communities within fantastic school districts!

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