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Adrienne’s Design Tips

Adrienne’s Design Tips

Time and time again home buyers ask if they can hire Adrienne Elliott, an accredited Interior Designer, to decorate their home. With three little ones at home including twin girls, it simply wouldn’t be possible. However, we’re able to sneak in a “sit down” with Adrienne during nap time and would like to share some of her design tips. We’re also excited to have Leigh, our Color Specialist, share some of her great tips too! Keep an eye out for some great tips from these two amazing designers.

TIP #1

Adrienne and Leigh have been sharing some of their design tips with us and we’ve decided to try something a little different. I asked them to share some things from their “not to do” list. Here are a few of their recommendations:

We hope this has helped you with a design question you may have had. Don’t forget, you can email questions for Adrienne at Adrienne@MyElliottHome.com.

TIP #2

We are excited to also feature tips from Leigh Jones, our color specialist. Leigh’s a master at combining just the right colors to showcase any room in your home. She thinks about which mood or statement the room should make, cozy, cool, inviting, energizing, etc. Like Adrienne, she puts a lot of thought into each of her decisions. Now let’s listen as Leigh tells us about designing with green.

Forget feeling green with envy, unless of course, your friends are going green with their interior color palettes!  From fun and flirty lime to the brilliance and majesty of emerald; we are half way through the year and green is going strong!

The thing I appreciate most about green is that it brings our beautiful out doors inside and leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Anyone with limited outdoor living space can create the feeling of spaciousness and easy living with the help of this featured color.

Mississippians tend to be more conservative, and I hear people wanting to go with safe bets in the design studio, but green doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. With the good fortune of living on the coast; green is always in style. So, go ahead, mix and match, be brave, green isn’t just for salads anymore! Not feeling bold? Keep it simple, add more green plants (think tropical and palm floor plants, things that will make a statement), fresh green fruit in a bowl on the counter top, towels, pillows or throws. Green lays nicely on the back drop of a myriad of colors. Have fun! Be adventurous and most of all, be you!

TIP #3

Since moving from Canada, I have come to appreciate outdoor living in a whole new light. Outdoor spaces can truly be used year round on the Coast and how fabulous is that!

Even a small corner space outdoors, if accessorized and furnished correctly, can be an extension of your home. So where do you start? Small spaces can become the perfect getaway. All you need is a cozy chair, a small unique accent table and a lamp, some beautiful staggered pottery with easy care green plants and finish it off with a weather resistant piece of art.

If the area is spacious, I recommend investing in some quality outdoor furniture. Go neutral with the larger pieces and accent with throw pillows in your favorite colors. Add artwork, table lamps, candles, and trays. Just by adding some outdoor curtains your space will instantly become cozier and more intimate. All it takes is a bit of imagination and a few new pieces to create an outdoor sanctuary to call your own.

TIP #4

The bathroom has not only become a most popular spot for that workout selfie or fab ensemble pic, it also has grown to become our own sanctuary. The perfect at-home-spa can be easily achieved by adding affordable design and style elements. Selecting soft and neutral colors instantly create an inviting escape to start your pampering session.

There is truly something to be said about an all white or off-white palette that is enhanced by my top spa bath must haves:

TIP #5

Many of our homes have an open concept plan for today’s modern family lifestyle. To keep the space bright and airy I like to combine neutral and warm designs with an unexpected touch. Another favorite theme I like to use is mixed wood tones with soft textures surrounding them.

If I were to give a small piece of advice, it would be to take chances in a bold color. Always go with what your heart is drawn. Think outside of the box with an exceptional light fixture or an eye-catching accent pillow. The design is in the details. Make the bones of your home traditional and most importantly, comfortable. Don’t feel that everything has to be a matching set or that your furniture has to be pushed against the walls. Instead, create engaging and comfortable areas to live in.

Adrienne is looking forward to sharing ideas with you. If you have any design questions that you would like answered, please submit to Adrienne@MyElliottHome.com.

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