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Moving Tips


You are well on your way to moving into your brand-new Elliott Home. The move itself can be challenging so we would like to share some tips with you to help make it a smooth transition.

Make Plans with Family and Friends

If you have family and friends that are able to help with your move, plan a “moving party.” Make it a fun event that they will want to be part of. Perhaps get shirts made with “Last Name’s Moving Day” for all to wear or plan a meal afterward at a local restaurant as a thank you.

Request Quotes from Moving Companies

If your friends and family are not able to help, call around for quotes from moving companies. Set a budget and find a company with a good reputation that fits. Once you have your move-in dates from Maegan Harder, our Customer Service Concierge, be sure to reserve the dates with the moving company. Moving companies are a great help in easing some of the anxieties of moving and please keep in mind, a tip is usually given to the moving team.


Since you must go through and organize everything while packing, moving is a great time to go through your belonging to decide what can be given away or sold. Some of the items could include children’s toys, pantry items, bedding, clothing and old furniture. Many of our homeowners like to start fresh in their brand-new home and find this task rejuvenating. As you prepare for packing you may want to ask, “Have I used this in the last year?” or, “When was the last time I wore this?” Once consolidated, it’s time to determine if you would like to have a yard sale, give items to family and friends or donate to local charities. Some may even pick them up for you!

Space Planning

Elliott Homes are designed to take advantage of the most usable square footage which will enable you the opportunity to redesign your current living spaces. The perfect tool to design your new rooms is our interactive home designer. The furniture is to scale and it’s fun to use. If you have children, they can be creative and plan the layout in their own rooms making the move even more exciting for them. This also helps everyone on moving day so that everyone isn’t moving furniture around from one end of the room to another. They will appreciate your space planning.


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