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Not all Square Footage is Created Equal

It’s more than a home; it’s peace of mind

Elliott Homes builds with your future in mind. All materials are thoroughly researched before adding them to our designs. These high-end, top-quality materials provide peace of mind and withstand the test of time. Are they higher priced? Yes, however, the minimal price difference can save thousands on the “Total Cost of Ownership” while protecting your resale value. Please let me explain:

Total Cost of Ownership is the lifetime costs associated with owning a home, car, etc. These after-purchase costs can be substantial. When calculating this figure, it is important to consider:

Not all square footage is created equal. Here are just a few of the items that add to the PRICE per square foot while adding significant value by saving on the total COST of ownership and help protect your resale value:

  1. BUILT TO TODAY’S BUILDING CODES: Today’s codes are more stringent than ever. These laws are meant to make your home safer and stronger, especially during a storm. Insurance costs are significantly lower when your brand-new home is built with the latest guidelines for hurricanes.
  2. ENERGY EFFICIENT: With the Energy Star® rated materials in the home from the roof to appliances to the windows, you’re likely to spend less on utility bills.
  3. ROOF SHINGLES:  One of the biggest concerns our homeowners had when looking at a used home was the cost to replace the roof. This is why our team elected to use high-definition roof shingles by CERTAINTEED® as they come with a lifetime warranty.
  4. ALL GE ENERGY EFFICIENT STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES: For a true move-in ready home we provide all appliances, including the fridge.
  5. EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW: Your new home is brand spanking new, and everything is under warranty. The designs are up to date, no “to-do” list, and you have a low-maintenance landscape package.  No remodels in the near future, no roof replacement, no appliance replacement, etc.
  6. CABINETS WITH SOFT CLOSE DOORS AND DRAWERS: Without the soft close feature, every time a cabinet slams shut it adds wear and tear to both the doors and drawers. Over time this can loosen the joints and hinges and cause the cabinets to wear which could mean a kitchen remodel.
  7. BULLNOSE CORNERS:  Think about how many times you have seen a chipped or a dirty straight edge corner. Not only are the bullnose corners elegant, but they also stay chip free and cleaner longer.
  8. 12mm LAMINATE WOOD FLOORING: Yes, you can get an engineered hardwood floor that is susceptible to scratches, dents, and less water resistant. However, we want your floors to look like new for many years. Our floors are available in more than 30 colors, and they are more scratch and fade resistant than a wood floor. They are so durable and come with a 25-year warranty!
  9. 10-FOOT CEILINGS: Most builders have 9-foot ceilings. Adrienne insists that we use 10-foot ceilings since they add a touch of elegance while making your home feel more spacious. This extra foot adds to the aesthetic beauty of the home and resale value.
  10. A SPA BATH WITH JETTED SOAKER TUB: Adrienne thinks you deserve a luxury bath to relax. With today’s busy lifestyles it’s important to her that you have a special place to wind down after a long day. According to independent surveys, our homeowners say, “There’s nothing like coming home to an Elliott Home.” Many select the master bath retreat as one of their favorite rooms.
  11. FULL-TILED WALK-IN SHOWER: Every master bath has a walk-in shower with floor to ceiling porcelain tile. Not only is it gorgeous and easy to clean, no exposed drywall means no moisture damage from the steam.
  12. 8-FOOT DOORS:  With the added ceiling height a standard door would look and feel as though it is too short. Don’t forget the statement these stunning doors make which adds to your resale value.
  13. CEILING FANS IN ALL BEDROOMS: To help the rest of your family and guests be comfortable, we have added a ceiling fan to the great room and each bedroom. You’ll love the added energy savings.
  14. FRAMED MIRRORS AND BATH ACCESSORIES: You’ll be busy unpacking when you move in your brand new home. That’s why we include all framed mirrors in the baths as well as the towel bars, toilet paper holders, and towel ring.
  15. 2-TONE SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT: All of our homes include two coats of Sherwin Williams paint in two tones. The ceilings are white while the walls are painted the color of your choice.  For a slight charge, you can even paint with more than one color!
  16. TRANSOM WINDOW OVER REAR DOOR: A beautiful addition to our homes that add lots of natural light. The oversized door casings add an extra layer of elegance.

We hope this has helped explain why all square footage is not created equal. There are more differences that our New Home Sales Specialists can explain. Please visit one of our MODEL HOMES.

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