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Pantone’s Predictions for 2018’s Hot Home Trends

January 22, 2018

Color giant Pantone is known for predicting the color trends each year, but they also predict a lot of the overall interior design trends, as well. From natural wood to iridescent tile and much more, here are some of the design trends Pantone thinks you may want to incorporate into your homes in Gulfport MS this year.

One of the many beautiful aspects of living on the Gulf Coast is the beauty of the shells you’ll find everywhere, particularly their iridescent interiors. Bring some of that coastal beauty into your home with iridescent tile backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom, or even iridescent fabrics for throw pillows. Iridescent décor has the magic of looking modern as well as bringing to mind a beautiful part of nature, which is why you may be seeing more of it popping up this year.

In a similar vein, metallics are gaining in popularity. While brass has been making a comeback, metal of any color will fit into a variety of rooms this year. Metal coffee tables or side tables add an edgy, sleek look to more voluptuous upholstered sofas and chairs. Metallic fabrics are another option, from full-on shimmer to gold threads or hand-painted metallic accents.

Graphic designs continue to grow in appeal. For some people, it’s all about the typographic style such as pillows in a simple font or tabletop customizable signs that you can change according to your whims. Others are looking to graphic geometric prints that are bold yet clean. Keep it limited to framed art or even a statement chair, or go all out and find a geometric print wallpaper for an accent wall.

If shiny and bold isn’t to your taste and you long for something warmer and cozier in your homes in Gulfport MS, don’t despair. Natural wood is making a big comeback. Go bold with wood ceilings and accent walls, or simply bring in some rustic kitchen stools to break up all of that sleek modernity. Even something as simple as hand-carved wooden bowls offer an attractive contrast. Just think rustic and natural rather than your grandparents’ old ornate and heavily polished furniture. Simple lines and shapes keep these wood pieces fresh and on trend.

From modern metals and prints to more classic wood and fringe, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the latest home trends into your own personal style. Even introducing a few pieces will give your home an updated look and feel.

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This post was written by Shawna Dunaway

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